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Patient Billing Information 



Bach Diagnostics has negotiated “in‐network” status with most major insurance companies, establishing financial programs for patients with or without insurance, and working with those patients who cannot afford to pay for our services.   For a list of contracted insurance companies click here.


Insured Patients


Insured Patients may be Billed Deductibles, Co‐Insurance and Co‐Payments as required by their Insurance Provider.  Most insurance providers, require Bach Diagnostics to bill patients for any applicable deductible, co‐insurance and co‐payment amounts, as reflected on explanations of benefits (“EOBs”) or similar statements furnished by the insurer. These amounts are determined by your insurer, not by Bach Diagnostics.   If you have any questions regarding your EOB, or any correspondences from your insurer, please contact us directly at (800) 544- 4181 Ext 2.   


Services performed for Workers’ Compensation patients will be billed directly to Workers’ Compensation Plans at our standard rates or as negotiated between Bach Diagnostics and such plans. There is generally no patient responsibility in these circumstances.


Insurance Payments Made Directly to Patients


Some insurers may send the insurance payment for Bach Diagnostics' services directly to patients. Patients that receive a check for services provided by Bach Diagnostics are responsible for forwarding this payment to Bach Diagnostics. Please write on the back of the check “Pay to Bach Diagnostics,” include a signature and mail to Bach Diagnostics at the address below:


Bach Diagnostics
C/O Billing Department
17672 Cowan. 

Irvine, CA 92614


Patient Billing, Payment Support Options and Financial Support Program


Bach Diagnostics understands the difficult circumstances some patients may experience with out-of-pocket costs and will work with them to structure affordable payment plans and, in appropriate situations, offer financial assistance programs.


Bach Diagnostics will send a "Patient Bill" to patients who are responsible for cash services, deductibles, coinsurance, co‐payments. The following payment options, which are subject to change, may apply:


  • No Insurance. If you are not insured, or your health plan does not cover these types of laboratory tests, Bach Diagnostics may offer an uninsured rate.  Please call our office for uninsured rates.

  • Patient Financial Assistance Program. Patients unable to afford to pay for our services may be eligible for financial support to help with testing costs.  For those patients who may not be able to pay fully for Bach Diagnostics' services to contact us for an assessment of financial hardship.

  • Please click here for the Financial Hardship Application


Contact Us


All patients are encouraged to call Bach Diagnostics Patient Billing Services at (800) 544-4181 Ext 3,  if they have questions or concerns about their bill. We are available Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM – 5:00PM Pacific Time.


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