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Molecular Diagnostics 

Our advance robotics-assisted molecular diagnostics methods allows for sensitive detection of pathogens and resistance genes.   We developed our proprietary methodologies in conjunction with some of the largest biotechnology companies in the nation to provide some of the most sensitive and accurate molecular detection methods in the nation.  


Molecular Services at Bach Diagnostics

At Bach Diagnostics, we offer a comprehensive suite of molecular diagnostic services, providing accurate, rapid, and reliable testing options to support patient care and treatment decisions. Our molecular diagnostics encompass a range of specialized panels and cutting-edge testing solutions:

  • Molecular Fungal Panel: Our fungal panel identifies and characterizes a variety of fungal pathogens, ensuring timely and appropriate antifungal treatment options.

  • Molecular Wound Panel: This panel detects and differentiates between bacterial, fungal, and other pathogens present in wounds, facilitating targeted treatment and improved patient outcomes.

  • Molecular Respiratory Panel: Designed to quickly identify and categorize common respiratory pathogens, including viruses and bacteria, helping clinicians make informed decisions regarding patient care.

  • Molecular UTI Panel: This panel provides accurate identification of urinary tract infection pathogens, offering precise results to guide effective antibiotic therapy.

  • Molecular Women's Health Panel: This comprehensive panel covers a variety of women's health concerns, including screening for sexually transmitted infections, providing reliable data for appropriate interventions.

  • NPScreen: We are proud to offer the only FDA-approved nasal pharyngeal cancer screening test in the United States. This test provides crucial early detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, particularly prevalent in certain regions.

  • Pharmacogenetics: Our pharmacogenetic testing services evaluate genetic variations affecting drug metabolism and response, providing personalized treatment guidance for medications across various medical fields.


Our molecular diagnostic services combine advanced technology, comprehensive testing panels, and accurate reporting, supporting clinicians and patients in achieving effective medical care and outcomes.

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