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Our Lab

Bach Diagnostics is a multi-specialty pathology group performing both high complexity clinical pathology and diagnostics surgical pathology. We are 100 percent owned and operated by our physician/pathologist.  Our services cover podiatric pathology, dermatopathology, gastrointestinal pathology, and cytology in addition to advanced molecular genetics testing in molecular microbiology,  pharmacogenetics, and toxicology.


Bach Diagnostics is located in the heart of Orange County, California.   We developed proprietary methodologies that are some of the most accurate and reliable in the nation.   Our advance technologies and methods provide us confidence in our results.  We have also partnered up with some of the biggest diagnostic companies to deliver the best care.  


We are fully licensed and accredited through the Clinical Laboratory Amendents (CLIA) certification.   We adhere to strict proficiency testing through the College of American Pathologists (CAP).   We also adhere to all applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.

Our Laboratory Directors and Pathologists

Dylan Bach MD, MBA

Founder & President

Clinical Pathology Director

Dr. Dylan Minh Bach is a highly accomplished medical doctor and business professional, serving as CEO and Medical Director at Bach Diagnostics. He brings extensive expertise in clinical chemistry, laboratory management, and pathology informatics, making significant contributions to medical research, diagnostics, and education.


Education and Training:

Dr. Bach's journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from UCLA. He then earned a Doctorate of Medicine from UC San Diego School of Medicine, followed by a Master's in Business Administration with a focus on Healthcare Administration and Real Estate Development from San Diego State University. Dr. Bach completed a residency in Clinical and Anatomic Pathology at UC Irvine and a Clinical Chemistry Fellowship at Johns Hopkins.


Professional Experience:

Dr. Bach's career encompasses a variety of roles:

  • Bach Diagnostics: As CEO and Medical Director, he oversees clinical chemistry, core laboratory operations, special chemistry, microbiology, molecular pathology, toxicology, and clinical research.

  • UCI Medical Center: Dr. Bach has served as an Assistant Professor, Medical Director of Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology, and Medical Director of Pathology Informatics. He also teaches residents and students in his current role as a Volunteer Professor at UCI Medical Center.

  • WesternU College of Podiatric Medicine: He contributes as a Volunteer Professor, sharing his expertise with students.


Contributions and Achievements:

Dr. Bach has published numerous research papers, including studies on pancreatic cancer biomarkers, qPCR detection methods for monkeypox virus, and novel diagnostic tools. He has also invented a lateral flow assay for diagnosing dermatomycosis, holding a patent for this innovation. In addition, Dr. Bach has been involved in various committees and serves as an inspector for clinical laboratories, making valuable contributions to the medical field.


Awards and Memberships:

Dr. Bach has received notable awards, including the John Budd Golden Scope Award and Excellence in Teaching from UCI School of Medicine. He is an active member of multiple professional organizations, including the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, the Association for Pathology Informatics, and the College of American Pathologists.

Calvin Marantz  MD


Dr. Calvin Marantz, MD is an experienced board certified dermatopathologist.   He has completed residency at Naval Hospital San Diego and in addition has trained with A. Bernard Ackerman MD.   

Daniel Chen  MD, Ph.D

Molecular Pathologist

Dr. Daniel C. Chen is a highly accomplished physician and scientist with extensive expertise in clinical pathology, medical genetics, and laboratory management. With a distinguished academic background and a wealth of professional experience, he has established himself as a leader in the medical and biotech industries.

Education and Training:  Dr. Chen's educational journey began at the University of California, Irvine, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, graduating cum laude. He went on to obtain a Master's degree in Biological Sciences from Stanford University, followed by a Ph.D. in Human Genetics from UCLA. He then pursued a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from UC Irvine, culminating in an Anatomic Pathology residency at the UC Irvine Medical Center and a Clinical Cytogenetics Fellowship at UCLA.


Professional Experience:

Dr. Chen has held prominent roles in various organizations, including:

  • Burning Rock Dx: Serving as the Laboratory Director at their Irvine, CA, location, where he oversees compliance, FDA 510K studies, and validation of lab-developed tests.

  • Burning Rock Biotech: Acting as the CLIA/CAP Laboratory Director in Guangzhou, China.

  • Fluxergy: As Lab Director, managing laboratory director responsibilities in Irvine, CA.

  • Arbelos Genomics: Operating as Owner and Laboratory Director, responsible for lab director duties in Chino, CA.

  • Chen and Lee, A Professional Medical Corporation: Serving as the Medical and Laboratory Director in Montebello, CA, overseeing clinical and laboratory director responsibilities.


Research and Publications:

Dr. Chen has contributed extensively to the scientific community, with research in human genetics and molecular biology, and multiple publications in reputable journals, including studies on germline and somatic mutations, gene associations, and molecular oncology.


Honors and Affiliations:

Dr. Chen's contributions have been recognized with several awards, including:

  • ASHG Postdoctoral Trainee Research Award Semifinalist

  • ALA Tony B. Award

  • NIH Predoctoral Fellowship in Genetic Mechanisms

He is affiliated with numerous professional organizations, including the American Society of Human Genetics, the College of American Pathologists, and the American College of Medical Genetics.

Erik Avaniss-Aghajani  Ph.D


Dr. Erik Avaniss-Aghajani is a distinguished molecular biologist and clinical laboratory expert, based in Glendale, California. With a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from UCLA, he has an extensive track record in both academic research and clinical laboratory management.


Education and Early Career:

Dr. Avaniss-Aghajani began his academic journey at California State University, Northridge, earning a B.A. in Biology and an M.S. in Molecular Biology with academic distinction. He then pursued a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from UCLA, completing groundbreaking research and co-inventing the T-RFLP technique for bacterial identification.


Professional Experience:

Dr. Avaniss-Aghajani's career includes a variety of prominent roles:

  • UCLA Sequencing and Genotyping Facility: He served as the director, overseeing the facility's operations for four years.

  • Laragen Inc.: In 1999, Dr. Avaniss-Aghajani founded Laragen Inc., a sequencing and genotyping facility, where he served as President until 2007.

  • Primex Clinical Laboratories: Dr. Avaniss-Aghajani joined as a partner in 2004, serving as Vice President and Director of Molecular Diagnostics for 18 years, overseeing significant clinical testing operations and contributing to pharmacogenomic clinical trials.

  • Other Roles: Dr. Avaniss-Aghajani has also served as a consultant for various companies, including Gerson Lehrman and Certest Biotec, and has recently joined Hyperspectral AI as its Chief Scientific Officer.


Achievements and Contributions:

Dr. Avaniss-Aghajani has been instrumental in developing unique tests, including NPScreen, a molecular test for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. He also led the implementation of SARS-CoV-2 testing at Primex Clinical Laboratories during the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing testing capacity and achieving FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

Additionally, Dr. Avaniss-Aghajani invented a Nucleic Acid Stabilizing Solution for vaccines, eliminating the need for cold chain storage for mRNA vaccines.


Licenses and Affiliations:

Dr. Avaniss-Aghajani is a licensed Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist Scientist in California and qualified as a Laboratory Director in New York. He is also certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology.


Publications and Lectures:

Dr. Avaniss-Aghajani has published numerous research papers in reputable journals, covering topics such as HPV genotyping, pharmacogenomics, and molecular diagnostic tools. He has also presented his work at various conferences and workshops, including the American Society for Clinical Virology and the NIH/NCI.

Our Culture

Bach Diagnostics was founded on the principles of delivering academic level expertise and testing with exceptional service.  At Bach Diagnostics, we pride ourselves in the science and technology we offer.  Our methodologies provide some of the most accurate and reliable results in the nation.  We are committed to giving our providers the best service and strive to go above and beyond their expectations.  

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